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"knob in fraction bar"
"upper right hand outer scratch"
"ink under N of BELGRANO "
"upper left hand outer scratch"
"lower left outer indentation"
"upper left corner indentation"
"indentation under 2 of 1/2"
"ink under A of MANUEL"
"lower left inner indentation"
"blot over 1 of 1/2"
"lower right corner indentation"
"break in figure edge"

























"wedge in lower inner frame"
"diagonal scratch between bottom lines of frame"
"dot on bottom edge of blue central design"
"dot on top edge of blue central design"
"diagonal scratch on melon, type 1"
"diagonal scratch on melon, type 2"
"single left corner scratch"
"double left corner scratch"
"three dots in blue background"


Inking Flaws on CL



"diagonal scratch on upper right"





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