Article 284: India Modern Definitive Covers

The 1 Rupees Sitar and the 2 Rupees Himalayas are shown in these covers. Quick links: main / 1 rupee ( first page / second page ) / 2 Rupees ( first page / second page )
Articles for this country
Article 4: The Wells Fargo Correspondence This correspondence consists of 437 covers from various banks in India to the Wells Fargo Bank in New York mailed during 1981 and 1982. I focus on the definitives that are used most in this correspondence. Quick Links: Major Stamp Pages: 0.05Rp / 0.15Rp / 0.25Rp / 0.50Rp / 1.00Rp / 2.00Rp / 5.00Rp / 5Rp / 10.00Rp / Other Stamp Pages: Low Values / High Values / Commemoratives / The Rates / Markings: U.S. Receipt / India Circular Postmarks / India Square City Marks / High Value Canceller / Auxiliary Markings / Complete Cover Listings: 1 to 50 / 51 to 100 / 101 to 150
Article 11: India 2 Rupees 1980s Textiles Definitive In this article I review examples of the India 2 Rupees Textiles definitives from the Wells Fargo correspondence. I have also included a main page for the postal rates, as well as dedicated pages for usages of one and two, three and four, and six and seven of these stamps on the same cover.
Article 39: India 1949 Definitive High Values These are great definitives. This is one of the early definitive series of independent India.
Article 61: India 10 Rupees Forest High Value Definitive Here is a range of specimens. The control on color, perforation, and paper manufacture for this issue is, to the delight of specialists, poor. Besides the main page, I include a page with two blocks of four, and a page with vertical strips.
Article 80: India King George VI High Values I show a sample of these high values. Here are quick links to several specimens of the 1 Rupee, 2 Rupees, and 5 Rupees values.
Article 109: India ICI Correspondence Here is a great selection of large envelopes with high value usages. Quick links: main page / large envelopes: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (the spectacular one).
Article 119: India 1949 Used High Values The 1949 high values of India stand out as some of the most beautiful definitives of the mid 20th century. Here is a used selection. I show multiples in pages dedicated to three of the values. Quick links: main page, 1 rupee specimens, 5 rupee specimens, and 15 rupee blocks.
Article 139: India 5 Rupees Solar Energy definitive This definitve received heavy usage in the early 1990s. This selection is from kiloware. Quick links: main page / examples with selvage / postmarks
Article 228: A Selection of India Covers Part 1 Here is a selection from several correspondences with India definitives from 1949 and the 1950s map series. Quick links: first page / second page / third page
Article 236: India Natural Resources Definitives, the 20 rupees and 50 rupees values The 20 rupees stamps shows the use of Bio Gas, and the 50 rupees stamp shows the use of wind energy. These high values are printed on high quality watermarked paper. Quick links: main page / 20 rupees / 50 rupees
Article 265: India Modern Definitive Covers The covers in this selection are mostly from two correspondences, one to Germany, and another to the United States. Quick links: main page / low values ( first / second ) / commemoratives / 1 Rupee Medieval Sculpture ( first / second / third / fourth ) / High Values ( first / second / third )
Article 284: India Modern Definitive Covers The 1 Rupees Sitar and the 2 Rupees Himalayas are shown in these covers. Quick links: main / 1 rupee ( first page / second page ) / 2 Rupees ( first page / second page )
Article 301: Additional batch of India covers Modern India has a fascinating postal history and a wide range of interesting usages. Quick links: main page / commemoratives / 2 rupees textiles page one / 2 rupees textiles page two / high values-5 and 10 rupees
Article 319: India 2550 Years of Mahaparinirvana of the Buddha This large souvenir sheet shows an overlay of Buddist statues and other artwork.
Article 328: India Government Museum Chennai Souvenir Sheet This souvenir sheets shows some of the artworks found at the Government Museum in Chennai.
Article 342: India family planning stamp Here are a few lightly cancelled and clearly cancelled specimens, as well as a few blocks. Quick links: singles / blocks
Article 357: India Definitives on Cover I show here yet another selection of India modern covers. Quick links: commemoratives / 5 rupees Sanchi Stupa / 10 rupees Forest / other issues
Article 406: India Souvenir Sheets These Souvenir Sheets span several subjects in art and architecture
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