Article 153: Venezuela CBI Correspondence Part 3

Here is a selection of covers, mostly with commemoratives. I have also included large scans of some of the definitives. Below is a cover with eight 0.50 Bolivares and one 4 Bolivares definitives. The cover bears a pair of 6 Bs commemoratives. Quick links: main page / the covers
The cover below bears two 6.50 Bs and one 6 Bs commemoratives
The cover below bears a 60 Bs commemorative. It also bears singles of the 5 Bs and 20 Bs overprinted definitives.
The cover below bears four 12 Bs commemoratives. It also bears one 1 Bs and two 3 Bs defintiives.
The cover below bears three 11.50 Bs, one 4.75 Bs, and one 2 Bs commemoratives. The cover also has seven 0.25 Bs and three 4 Bs definitives.
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