Article 69: Greece Small Hermes Head Imperforates

This issue was printed over the course of fifteen years. The specimens shown here are from a sample lot I came across a few months ago. I have a limited knowledge of this issue. A survey of these specimens shows that the first, or Belgian printing, can be clearly distinguished from later printings. The 50 Lepta page has some of these specimens. The later printings, except for the major color changes, are difficult to tell apart by the novice collector. I attempt to label the printing for each specimen shown here. However, I am only making a novice assessment. Quick Links: 1 L / 2 L / 5 L / 10 L / 20 L / 25 L Blue / 25 L Purple / 25 L Blue Purple / 40 L Purple / 40 L Blue / 50 L / 1 Drachma
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