Article 59: Germany Hyperinflation Issue: the 250,000 Mark value on cover

Here is a cover with a rate of 40,000,000 Marks, postmarked October 12, 1923 with (20) 2,000,000 Mark values, and one of the stamps has fallen off the cover. A detail of selected stamps is shown below. The paper under the missing stamp shows the original color of the cover. The toning as well as the EXPRESS label can be forged. I would be delighted if an INFLA expert declared it genuine. However, I am not holding my hopes for that to happen. Quick links are for the main page, covers with rates of 250,000 Marks (September 27, 1923), 350,000 Marks (Late September, 1923), 750,000 Marks (September 22, 1923), 2,000,000 Marks (October 6, 1923), 4,000,000 Marks (November 2, 1923: seems too late for such a "low" rate), two covers; 6,000,000 Marks (cover 1, October 2, 1923) (cover 2, October 8, 1923), 7,000,000 Marks (October 12, 1923), and a whopping 40,000,000 Marks (October 11, 1923), which stands out as suspicious for the date, and blocks of the 1,000,000,000 Mark value, and of the 10,000,000,000 Mark value.
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