Article 10: Germany Women Definitives: The Alte Leipziger Correspondence

Below are two covers from the Alte Leipziger correspondence. The first cover bears Sites definitives: strips of two of the 0.60 Mark, and the 2.00 Marks, and a strip of three of the 0.10 Mark. Here are quick links to the main page for the Germany Women and Sites Definitives, this article, the Alte Leipziger correspondence, the detailed discussions of the Hensel 3.00 Marks value on piece, the 4.50 Marks, the 5.00 Marks, and a combined page for the 2.50 Marks, 3.50 Marks, and 4.00 Marks.

Below is a cover with an irregular block of five of the Women 0.20 Mark, and a 2.00 Marks postage due notation in blue pencil.
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