Article 10: Germany Women Definitives: The Hensel 3.00 Marks High Value

I show here some multiples of this stamp used on piece, as well as singles showing re-use, East German usage, and pen cancels. There are two major types of the Hensel 3.00 Marks: the large sheet stamp, and the small sheet (of 10) stamp. Below is a right side block of six of the small sheet stamps postmarked Aachen 1 (52062) "c." Here are quick links to the main page for the Germany Women and Sites Definitives, this article, the Alte Leipziger correspondence, the detailed discussions of the Hensel 3.00 Marks value on piece, the 4.50 Marks, the 5.00 Marks, and a combined page for the 2.50 Marks, 3.50 Marks, and 4.00 Marks.
Below are two large multiples. The multiple below left is a vertical block of ten from the top of the sheet, and postmarked Saarlouis 1 (6630).
The multiple below right is a vertical strip of six from the right side of the sheet. It is postmarked Spenge 1 (32139), and has a sheet printing control number as well as a plate number (3).
The multiple below is a vertical strip of three from the bottom of plate 2. It is postmarked Herford (32052).
Below is an example of this stamp that has been removed from its original cover unused, and re-used on another envelope.
Below is an example of this stamp that has been cancelled using a ballpoint pen. There are also a single 2.00 Marks and vertical strips of two and three of the 0.10 Marks.
Below is a pair of this stamp postmarked Bernau 1 (128) in East Germany a few months before the adoption of reunified 6-digit postmarks. Also on this piece are two Sites self-adhesives (the 0.10 and 0.60 Marks values).
Below is a spectacular horizontal block of 15 of the Hensel 3.00 Marks stamp. It is postmarked Berlin 11 (10963), which is a common postmark for this stamp.
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