Articles January 2009 to date

Article 351: Spain 1860 4 cuartos with Barcelona Cartwheel ('Rueda de Carreta') Here are examples of the postmarks that are clearly damaged. Quick links: main page / damaged examples / Picasa Albums
Article 352: Some 19th Century Stamps from Peru This selection of the 2 centavos stamp of 1894 shows a wide range of inking variability. Quick links: main page / center variations / light shades / medium shades / brownish shades / dark shades
Article 353: Moldova DaVinci Souvenir Sheet This souvenir sheet shows selections from Leonrado's notebooks in the background and three stamps showing a some of his paintings.
Article 354: Ukraine House Souvenir Sheets This souvenir sheet shows various types of Ukranian houses. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 355: China Tourism Souvenir Sheet Here are some nature scenes from China. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 356: South Africa Definitives Kiloware This is the last installment of this batch of kiloware. Quick links first page / second page / third page
Article 357: India Definitives on Cover I show here yet another selection of India modern covers. Quick links: commemoratives / 5 rupees Sanchi Stupa / 10 rupees Forest / other issues
Article 358: Slovakia Fish Souvenir Sheet These stamps are beautifully engraved. Quick links: design details / the stamps and the sheet
Article 359: China Nature Stamps Another interesting souvenir sheet issued by China. Quick links: the sheet and the low values / the stamps
Article 360: Ukraine Butterfly Stamps Another interesting souvenir sheet issued by Ukraine. Quick links: the sheet and additional designs / the stamps
Article 361: A sample of 19th Century Stamps from Spain These stamps are the most common values (four and six cuartos) of Spanish series from the 1850s and 1860s. Quick links: two covers / three blocks of four
Article 362: Phillipines Butterfly Definitives Part 2 This is the second group of Phillipines butterfly definitives I show here from the early 2000s. Quick links: in blocks ( first page / second page ) / as singles, including the high values
Article 363: United Kingdom World Heritage combined issue with Australia Each pair of stamps in this issue depicts a site in England side-by-side with a site in Australia.
Article 364: United States Star Wars Sheet This series is one marking a major break with previous U.S. issues in depicting actors who were alive when the sheet was issued. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 366: Ukraine Houses Souvenir Sheets This sheet depicts various country houses. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 367: Two Souvenir Sheets from China These souvenir sheets from China depict flowers and a nature scene
Article 368: 19th Century Hungary Revenue Stamps These revenue stamps have similar designs to Austrian stamps. At the time, Hungary and Austria were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Quick links: first range / second range / high resolution details of some of the stamps
Article 369: Cuba 1890s Alfonso XIII (Pelon) Definitives Some of the last issues were remaindered in 1898 and can be found as large mint multiples. Quick links: 1890 / 1891 / 1894 / 1896 / 1897
Article 370: Ukraine Butterfly Stamps This souvenir sheet shows beautiful butterflies. Quick links (the stamps / details )
Article 371: A few Egypt covers Here is a small selection of covers to Iowa, USA.
Article 373: Argentina Bicycle Stamps The format and design scheme of these semi-postal stamps is very appealing.
Article 374: Singapore Flora and Fauna Definitives These definitives can be found as a single souvenir sheet. Quick links: low and middle values / high values
Article 375: The Simpsons Stamps are here! It is refreshing for USPS to issue stamps commemorating this landmark cartoon series.
Article 376: China Three Kingdoms issue of 1988 Here is an installment of a series dedicated to this novel.
Article 377: Guinea Butterfly Stamps These have been cancelled to order (CTO) and probably have never been to Guinea. Quick links: low and mid values / high values
Article 378: Israel Insect Stamps These stamps are printed as a set with illustrated tabs (selvages).
Article 379: U.S. 1869 3 cents stamp It is rare for a 19th century stamp to depict something other than a numeral or a royal subject.
Article 381: A selection of Western Australia swans This is one of the most beautiful designs of the 19th century. There are some major rarities in this series. Here are a few of the more common types.
Article 382: China Three Kingdoms issue of 1990 These stamps show scenes from this important work of literature.
Article 383: Canada beaver stamps This is the first design of the stamps issued by Canada.
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