Articles November and December 2008

Article 326: Cuba Special Delivery Stamp from the 1930s/40s This rare stamp is represented here by seven used specimens and a specimen on a postcard. This stamp depicts an aeroplane from the earliest days of flight. Quick link: used stamps / a postcard
Article 327: Germany Pacquebot Covers Part 1 These covers were mailed on the high seas, and contain interesting uses of German stamps outside of Germany. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 328: India Government Museum Chennai Souvenir Sheet This souvenir sheets shows some of the artworks found at the Government Museum in Chennai.
Article 329: Argentina Science Stamps These stamps commemorate 50 years of COCINET, an effort dedicated to the advancement of science.
Article 330: Japan Butterfly Souvenir Sheet Here is a beautiful souvenir sheet from Japan depicting butterflies.
Article 331: Ghana Selection of Definitives This selection from a few covers bears Ghana definitives with genuine postal use. Quick links: main page / scorpion stamp / covers
Article 332: United Kingdom Christmas Stamps Here is a multi-ethnic take on the Madonna and Child theme.
Article 333: Poland Fowl Stamps Here is another beautifully designed issue from Poland. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 334: Guinea Masks These masks show a wide variety of designs. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 335: Mexico Monarch Butterflies Several types of Monarch butterflies are featured on these stamps from Mexico
Article 336: Singapore Art Stamps These two strips show examples of art from singapore Quick links: first sheet / second sheet
Article 337: United States 'The Most' Here is a beautiful sheet of United States commemoratives highlighting 'Wonders of America' as a series of superlative examples. Quick links: the sheet and the first row / the second row / the third row / the fourth row
Article 338: Four covers from Switzerland These four covers bear various commemoratives. The choice of stamps points to a philatelic use. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 339: China ancient calligraphy souvenir sheet This sheet shows calligraphy samples.
Article 340: Russia trucks souvenir sheet Three trucks are featured in this souvenir sheet.
Article 341: Saudi Arabia Hajj stamps These stamps show Mecca and the Hajj attendees. first page / second page / third page
Article 342: India family planning stamp Here are a few lightly cancelled and clearly cancelled specimens, as well as a few blocks. Quick links: singles / blocks
Article 343: Cuba; a look at the 1855 watermark This sample shows the watermark clearly. The two 2 real strips, remarkably, show the single row with the loops aligned top loop to bottom loop. Quick links: main page / half and one real specimens / two real specimens / a one real block / two 2 real strips
Article 344: United Kingdom High Values Here are the high values found with Machin definitives, including the beautiful 10 pounds stamp. Quick links: Main / Two pounds ( first page / second page ) / Three pounds ( first page / second page ) / Five pounds
Article 345: Several Modern Nigeria Covers Here is a small selection. These covers are surprisingly hard to come by. Quick links : first page / second page / third page
Article 346: Malaysia Covers from a Correspondence Part 1 These covers are part of a single correspondence to Singapore. Quick links : first page / second page / third page
Article 347: Argentina Maps (Cartography) These stamps trace the evolution of Argentinean map making.
Article 348: Russia 7k from the 1880s, a second look at a selection of these, Part 1 These are very small stamps. Although I find many small flaws, I don't find any of them to be repetitive yet. Quick links: main / colors / minor flaws ( page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / page 4 / page 5 ) / postmarks / the watermark
Article 349: Poland Carriages These innovative stamps match the format of the carriages they depict.
Article 350: Kenya Covers This selection of mission covers to Germany bears many high values. Quick links: first page / second page / third page / fourth page
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