Articles December 2007 to February 2008

Article 267: Cuba Art Stamps This is a selection of Cuban art stamps from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Quick links: main page / 1981 issue / 1982 issue / souvenir sheets
Article 268: United States Stampless Covers Part 1: New York State Here is a selection of covers from the 1830s and 1840s. The Troy and Buffalo postmarks are typical of prephilatelic markings in the U.S. Quick links: main page / second page Article 269: Phillipines Modern Butterfly Definitives Part 1 The Phillipines modern definitives show a sample of the many butterflies species found in this country. Quick links: main page / middle values / high values Article 270: Colombia Definitives This series of definitives highlights natural resources and public works projects. Quick links: main page / middle values / high values
Article 271: Spain Nature Stamps Here are beautiful stamps from the late 1970s. Quick links: amphibians / reptiles
Article 272: Imperial Russia 5 Kopecks Stamps This is undoubtedly a beautiful stamp. I show a few specimens with selected details and a comparison of color shades. I have added here links to previous articles I have dedicated to two other values of this series. Quick links: the stamps / design details / color comparisons Article 273: Argentina Selected High Value 19th Century Stamps This selection of 19th century stamps is aim to highlight the high quality of the engravings. Quick links: main page / 24c / 30c / 60c / 90c
Article 274: French Guinea Palm Definitive The design template for this stamp was used for several French colonies. I show here some stamps and highlights of the center. Quick links: the stamps / the center design
Article 275: Selected United Kingdom Machine Definitives from Kiloware The Machin definitives have the largest number of issues and varieties of any definitive series, ever. Here I show a small selection from the 1995-2002 time range. Quick links: main page / low values (24p, 28p, 29p) / 30p / 31p / more low values (33p. 35p. 36p. 38p) Article 276: Poland Space Stamps These two souvenir sheets show the U.S. space vehicle from Apollo 15 on the moon, the Russian space vehicle Luna 17 and the Apollo-Soyuz mission. Quick links: the stamps / the souvenir sheets
Article 277: Cuba Christmas Stamps This is an uncommon issue mostly with butterflies, mollusks, and birds from Christmas 1961. Quick links: pane 1 (butterflies) / pane 2 (mollusks) / pane 3 (birds) Article 278: Bangladesh Nature Stamps This issue depicts wild animals from Bangladesh. Article 279: Various Greece Commemoratives These commemoratives represent european (EUROPA) themes and images from ancient vases. Article 280: South Africa Kiloware Fish and Flower Definitives Here is another selection from a batch of kiloware I have been digging through. Quick links: flowers / 5c fish and some flowers
Article 281: Japan Art Stamps This is a short selection of two issues of art stamps. first issue / second issue
Article 282: Brazil 1920s 100 Reis Stamps Here is a selection of the 100 Reis value from the 1920s. Quick links: main page / orange / orange watermark examples / pink / pink watermark examples / red orange / red orange watermark examples / yellow / yellow watermark examples
Article 283: United States Stampless Covers Part 2: New York State This selection of prephilatelic covers from New York towns includes Troy, Fort Plain, Ithaca, Phelps (on the main page), Rochester, Cohoes, and Plattsburg (on the second page). Quick links: main / second page
Article 284: India Modern Definitive Covers The 1 Rupees Sitar and the 2 Rupees Himalayas are shown in these covers. Quick links: main / 1 rupee ( first page / second page ) / 2 Rupees ( first page / second page ) Article 285: Indonesia Primates Stamps This issue from Indonesia depicts primates.
Article 286: Selected United Kingdom Machine Definitives from Kiloware These are two first class mail rate Machins: the 38p and the 41p, both from the early 2000s.
Article 287: Peru 2 centavos of 1894 You will find here a large sample of this stamp. Quick links: main page with major shades / highlights of the design for these shades / highlights of design features and flaws / postmarks Article 288: Greece Seafarer Stamps This issue depicts several ship figureheads ( a decorative wood carving often depicting a sea goddess or important person ) Article 289: Ireland Flower Definitives Here is a beautiful series of flower definitives from Ireland. Quick links: main page / low values / middle values / high values
Article 290: Cuba Ship-building Stamps Naval construccion from the 17th century to the present is highlighted in these stamps from Cuba.
Article 291: Selected United Kingdom Machine Definitives from Kiloware Here is another installment of this ever-popular definitive series. Quick links: main page / 39p ( first page / second page ) / 50p, mostly in combined usages / mid values ( first page / second page ) Article 292: China Wildlife Stamps Souvenir Sheet This souvenir sheets shows wildlife from China (mammals, birds, and fish). Quick links: low values / yuan values / the sheet and additional designs
Article 293: Denmark Houses Stamps These stamps depict houses in Denmark from the 16th and 17th centuries.
Article 294: Mexico 1968 Olympics Stamps The design for these stamps is reminiscent of 1960s music posters. Quick links: the stamps / the souvenir sheets Article 295: Jordan Butterfly Stamps Hope you enjoy these gorgeous butterfly stamps from Jordan.
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