Articles April to June 2007

Article 217: Italy Villas These stamps depict villas and piazzas of Italy.
Article 218: Suriname Flowers I show here stamps depicting colorful flowers from Suriname. Quick links: low and middle values / higher values
Article 220: Kenya High Value Flower Definitives on Cover The covers shown here were used to deliver tea samples. Quick links: 2 shillings covers ( one two three ) / 10 shillings cover
Article 221: Israel Gates These stamps from Israel show ancient city gates. Quick links: sheet 1 / sheet 2
Article 222: Spain Nature Issues Spain issued several groups of nature stamps during the late 1970s. Here is a sample. Quick links: page 1 / page 2 / page 3
Article 223: Vietnam Goldfish Several types of goldfish are depicted in this series from Vietnam.
Article 224: Bahamas Selected Victoria Stamps The Chalon image of Queen Victoria was used throughout the British Empire. Here are two stamps using this bust, and a stamp using a later bust.
Article 225: Cuba Orchid Stamps This series of orchid stamps was issued in 1971. These large-format stamps are beautiful.
Article 226:Czechoslovakia Art Stamps of 1973 These art stamps were issued in 1973 and continued this great series. There are two single sheet issues, and a sheet with four subjects. Quick links: the stamps / the sheets
Article 227:Indonesia Nature Stamps These stamps were issued as a single sheetlet with ten subjects.
Article 228: A Selection of India Covers Part 1 Here is a selection from several correspondences with India definitives from 1949 and the 1950s map series. Quick links: first page / second page / third page
Article 229: A Selection of Kenya Covers with Flower Definitives Part 2 Here is a small selection of large format registered covers with the highest values of the series.
Article 230: Some 19th Century France Common Stamps Here are a few blue 25 centimes stamps from the 1870s on piece. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 231: Japan Definitive Used Sheets Here is the final installment of stamp sheets from Japan I acquired some time ago. Quick links: a page with low values / a page with high values / a third page with additional low values
Article 232: Phillipines Native Fauna Here is an issue from the Phillipines showing native fauna.
Article 233:Czechoslovakia Art Stamps of 1975 These art stamps were issued in 1975 and continued this great series. Quick links: the stamps / the sheets
Article 234: A sheet of the 5 centimos Cuba stamp from the 1890s This sheet of the 5 centimos Cuba definitive shows several interesting plate varieties. These stamps were likely remaindered after Spain lost Cuba as a colony in 1898. Quick links: design details / plate varieties ( rows 1,2,3 / row 5 / row 6 / rows 7,8 )
Article 235: A sheet of the 10 milliarden Green Germany Infla stamp This is one of the most beautiful Germany Infla stamps, and is from the last issue of the series. Quick links: plate errors to the 10 / plate errors to the M of Milliarden / other plate errors
Article 236: India Natural Resources Definitives, the 20 rupees and 50 rupees values The 20 rupees stamps shows the use of Bio Gas, and the 50 rupees stamp shows the use of wind energy. Quick links: main page / 20 rupees / 50 rupees
Article 237: Pakistan covers from the Zellwegger correspondence This selection of covers is from a correspondence to the German firm Zellwegger. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 238: Spain Ships Commemoratives These stamps trace the history of Spanish Shipbuilding. Quick links: first page / second page / third page
Article 239: Poland Nature Commemoratives Poland issued these nature commemoratives in 1972. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 240: Portugal Azulejos (Tiles) This is a selection of Portugal stamps depicting 15th and 16th Century tiles.
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