Articles January to March 2007

Article 181: Israel Celebration Commemoratives Here is a sheet of commemoratives celebrating Jewish Holidays.
Article 182: Portugal World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Commemoratives These stamps show close-up images of animals found in Portugal and former Portuguese colonies.
Article 183: Thailand Fish I show here a souvenir sheet showing the marine life of Thailand.
Article 184: French Guinea (Afrique Occidentale Francaise) France issued a common two color design for each colony during the early 20th century. The entire series uses the same design. Quick links: low values / middle values / high values / details of the designs
Article 185: Greece Ancient Pottery These commemoratives show great examples of Ancient Greek pottery. Quick links: second page
Article 186: Czechkoslovakia Art Issue of 1966 This is the first installment in a series dedicated to modern paintings.
Article 187: Cuba Montreal Olympics of 1986 Issues Cuba issued two series for these olympics. The first series was issued before the event, and the second series was issued after the event, and highlights the athletes who medaled. Both series have sourvenir sheets.
Article 189: France Art Stamps Part 4 Here is the fourth and last group of issues of this great series that I am showing. Quick links: main page / second page / third page
Article 190: Canada Audubon and Wildlife Issues The beautiful Birds of America book is highlighted in an issue by Canada. I also show two souvenir sheets, one showing flowers and celebrating a stamp exhibition, and another showing big cats, part of a joint issue with China. Quick links: Audubon issue stamps / Audubon sheets / Two souvenir sheets
Article 191: Bhutan Flower Paintings Souvenir Sheets Continuing the great tradition of stamps purely for philatelists, Bhutan issued two souvenir sheets of flower paintings. Quick links: first sheet / second sheet
Article 195: Czechoslovakia Art Stamps Part 2 Here is another batch of Czechoslovakia art stamps. I also include images of the stamps in sheetlets of four
Article 196: Saudi Arabia Pilgrimage Stamps Part 1 These stamps commemorate the pilgrimage to Mecca in 1985. I also include the stamps in blocks of four.
Article 197: Spain Classic Automobiles The classic automobiles shown here were made by La Cuadra, Hispano Suiza, Euzalde, and Abadal.
Article 198: Russia Apollo Soyuz Issue This international space collaboration set the stage for the International Space Station.
Article 199: South Korea Butterflies These are beautiful butterfly stamps.
Article 200: Sweden Slania Stamps These three items designed by Czeslaw Slania are representative of this great stamp engraver. Quick links: main page / 1000th stamp / A booklet / A souvernir sheet
Article 201: Canada New High Values Canada has issed four high valued definitives in the style of the previous series. Quick links: sheets of four
Article 202: Benin Butterflies Benin issued a series of butterfly stamps in 1996. The issue includes a souvenir sheet.
Article 203: Italy Villas These stamps depicting Italian Villas were issued in 1982, 1983, and 1985.
Article 204: Czechoslovakia Art Stamps of 1969 Here is another installment of this beautiful series. Quick links: sheetlets of four
Article 205: Suriname Fish These fresh water fish stamps were in issued in 1978.
Article 207: Japan Art Stamps Here are three Japan diptychs from 1975, 1976, and 1977.
Article 208: Poland Butterflies These have to be the most beautiful butterfly stamps ever made, or perhaps a close second to the Bhutan 3D butterfly stamps I showed in a previous article.
Article 209: Spain Smithing 1975 These two souvenire sheets were printed in small quantities. They were issued for the world stamp exhibition of 1975 held in Madrid, Spain. Quick links: sheet 1 / sheet 2
Article 210: Benin Whales and Dolphins Here are stamps from Benin depicting whales and dolphins.
Article 211: Czechoslovakia Art Stamps of 1970 Here is another installment of this beautiful series. Quick links: sheets of four
Article 212: United States Kiloware from the late 1970s and early 1980s, Part 5 I have come across a great selection of USA late 1970s and early 1980s kiloware. The clippings are from what may have been mailings of important documents. Most of the rates seem to be in the $1.50 to $2.50 range.
Article 213: Argentina Comics Sheets Here are two sheets showing popular children's comics from Argentina. Quick links: sheet 1 / sheet 2
Article 214: Egypt Commemoratives This is a selection of 1960s commemoratives. Quick links: main page / Aswan Dam / Air Mail stamps / National Resources
Article 215: Cuba Napoleonic Art Stamps Looking at these stamps, it is clear that countries need to issue more large format art stamps. Quick links: first issue / second issue
Article 216: Australia Butterflies These are some of the most beautiful butterfly stamps ever issued. Quick links: the sheet in two formats / the individual stamps in more detail
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