Articles January to May 2006

Here is a selection of monuments commemoratives: Save Abu Simbel and Monuments of Nubia.
These sheets were used as an accounting method by postal clerks to keep an account of cash versus stamps on hand. I show here five sheets. Quick links: main japan sheets page / article 89 / article 116 / sheets 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Here is a sheet with eight views of National Parks. Below are large images of each of the stamps, and in a separate page, an image of the entire sheet.
These numeral definitives have been around for a century. I also have a page of high values.
Here are PNC-7 strips of the 1c Tiffany Lamp, the 3c Copperpot, and the 5c Toleware. Quick links: main page / designs
Here is a selection of four Malaysia flower covers from a single correspondence. Quick links: main page / cover 1 / cover 2 / cover 3 / cover 4
Here is a series of butterfly commemoratives from Ireland, including a beautiful souvenir sheet.
I show here a nice specimen and pair, as well as a page with selected postmarked specimens. Below are several postmarked specimens: the top stamp was postmarked again on arrival by Washington, D.C. slogan, the middle stamp has an unreadable marking that is often found on these stamps, and the bottom stamp bears a Pakistani "CRIPPLED CHILDREN" slogan marking. Quick links: main page / postmarks page
I have previously shown the color varieties of the 1855 half real. I expand here by adding some larger images for the 1855 printings, and many more from the later printings, including many plate varieties. Quick links: main page / 1855 Blue Paper / 1855 White Paper / 1856 / 1857-61 Dirty Plate / Postal Forgeries / Plate Varieties main page : CORRFOS / CORRFOS detailed image / Early line breaks / Late line breaks / Plate Wear / 1862 Cleaned Plate
Here are representative signles of this issue. Follow the links and images to pages for each of the ranges. Quick links: main page / low values / first class values / middle values / high values / coils
Here is another selection of China postal receipts. Definitives from three issues were used on these receipts. Quick links: main page / receipt 1 / receipt 2 / receipt 3 / receipt 4
This definitve received heavy usage in the early 1990s. This selection is from kiloware. Quick links: main page / examples with selvage / postmarks
Here are two specimens of the first stamp, issued in 1840 by England (now U.K.). The penny black, along with the two pence blue stamp, was issued May 8, 1840, although there is an instance of postal use on May 6. The use of stamps became such an important innovation for England that, within 20 years, most countries had adopted the use of stamps (for example: Brazil in 1843, the United States in 1847, France in 1849, Spain in 1850). Quick links: main page / FB specimen / KL specimen / attempt at plating / design highlights
Here are selections from an Iowa correspondence. Quick links: main page with flag over porch 32c stamp / other stamps
Here are selected stamps from Malaysis. Quick links: main page (fauna and flora) / additional stamps (walking canes and pottery)
This group of covers bears overprinted inflation stamps. The 10 Bolivares on 0.25 Bolivares, may be rare, if judging by the small number of specimens found in this correspondence. Quick links: main page / cutouts / item 1 / cover 1 / cover 2
I show here three specimens, with highlights of the design, backscans, highlights of the postmarks, and details showing plate flaws.Quick links: main page / postmarked "12" specimen / postmarked "142" specimen / postmarked "102" specimen
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