Articles August to December 2005

Article 97: United States O'Neill 1 Dollar
This stamp received heavy usage from the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s. I first show small images with all of the various shades, and then large images of the major shades pointing to pages dedicated to each group. Quick links: main page / purple issues / red purple issue / perfins / postmarks sampler / oval cancellers / black postmarks / reddish purple postmarks.
I show several specimens of this stamp. This article includes a main page showing details of the design, and a page dedicated to postmarked specimens.
Here is a selection of Egypt stamps from the 1960s. Quick links are for the main page and a page dedicated to two issues for the preservation of Nubia's temples.
I show here a beautiful series of Italy definitives. Quick links are for the main page, which is dedicated to the low values, a page for the middle values, and a page showing the high values.
Here is a small group of painting commemoratives. I show the stamps in detail, as well as the block of four souvenir sheets format in which they were issued.
The Bolivar definitives have been a mainstay of Venezuela postal history since the 1980s. Here I show the range of low values, and the larger format range of high values.
This is the second installment of images from the Ghana Green Card correspondence. Quick links: images of the two stamps, covers and selections from covers for the 400c Butterfly and the 400c Shell.
Here is the first installment of a look at modern Denmark kiloware. I focus here on two high values: the 10 Kronen and the 15 kronen stamps, both on small pieces, and I also show selections of large images for three wavy lines definitives.
Several specimens of the Australia 3d Kangaroo with Large Crown watermark are shown here. A page shows large scans and back scans of the watermark, and another page shows several postmarks.
Here is a great selection of large envelopes with high value usages.
Here is a large image of the 4,50 DM Germany Sites Definitive. Below it, I show an example with a worn postmark that is barely legible, and also an example of a commemorative postmark. Quick links: main page / 4-digit postmarks / postmarks by region: 00 and 10 / 20 and 30 / 40 and 50 / 60 and 70 / 80 and 90
The legacy of great modern commemoratives lives on thanks to Royal Mail. Here is a small group of commemoratives with views of Wales. In a separate image I show an image of the presentation pack.
These definitives show the same designs for each value, repeated for each Malaysian state. Here is the series from Trengganu.
Here are a few modern definitives from Ghana on a single correspondence. Quick links: 50 cents on cover, 100 cents on several covers.
This is the most common Merson type. It received heavy postal usage between 1900 until right before the inflationary period in late 1923. There are at least a hlaf dozen distinct printings. Quick links: color varieties, dated specimens, two covers, and perfins.
Here is another installment of high values on piece, mostly with the 5c George Washington, the 40c Thomas Paine, and the $1 Eugene O'Neill.
These sheets were used as an accounting method by postal clerks to keep an account of cash versus stamps on hand. I show here five sheets. Quick links: main japan sheets page / article 89 / sheets 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
I show here three major Exporta types. Quick links: motor vehicles, abalone, and electrical wires, and pages highlighting the color varieties of the abalone, and electrical wires types.
These definitives are characterized by clean and colorful designs. The main page contains the low values, and I also show a page with the middle and high values.
The 1949 high values of India stand out as some of the most beautiful definitives of the mid 20th century. Here is a used selection. I show multiples in pages dedicated to three of the values. Quick links: main page, 1 rupee specimens, 5 rupee specimens, and 15 rupee blocks.
The 1868 10 centimos stamp is a one-year issue stamp. Quick links: images of the center design, details of the top and bottom legends.
The legacy of great modern commemoratives lives on thanks to Royal Mail. Here is a small group of commemoratives with views of Northern Ireland. In a separate page I show an image of the presentation pack.
Here is a first batch of high value bank covers from 1990 and 1991. Quick links: main page / cover 1 / cover 2 / cover 3 / cover 4 / cover 5 / cover 6 / cover 7 / cover 8 / cover 9 / cover 10 / cover 11 / cover 12
Here are four postal receipts from China. Quick links: main page / receipt 1 / receipt 2 / receipt 3 / receipt 4

I have included in this selection a few great covers, and selections from additional covers. Quick links: main page / selected stamps / slogans / a personal letter / cover 1 / cover 2 / cover 3 / cover 4 / cover 5 / cover 6 / cover 7 / cover 8

This stamp was printed for postage and for service (block of four below). Quick links: main page / shades / postmarked specimens
With the introduction of this series, I hope the United States Postal Service builds this small series into a large series in the tradition of the Transportation Series. These design are striking and beautiful. Quick links: main page / 2c Navajo Jewelry / 4c Chippendale Chair / 5c American Toleware / 10c American Clock
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