Articles August to December 2004

These high values are sometimes found on large format covers to American universities. I also include here a page dedicated to the 2 yuan, and another page to the other three values (the 5 yuan, 10 yuan, and 20 yuan values).
This is a beautiful stamp. Included here is a page with selected postmarks.
Yet another definitive series from Kenya that is as beautiful as a commemorative series. The butterflies series is yet another example. I include a page with cancelled stamps and one cover.
I continue to describe the Exporta high values from the Chase correspondence.
The first France 2 Francs Merson is the scarcest value of the series. I show some color variations and a few dated specimens.
The Jefferson Memorial is depicted on this Priority Mail U.S.A. high value. There are values dated 2002, and 2003, both shown here. The 2003 printing is a little fuzzier. I also include a page dedicated to design details, as well as a page with postmarks and cancellers.
Bhutan is one of the quintessential "only for collectors" stamp issuing countries. These 3-D (three-dimensional) stamps are beautiful, outrageous!
Here are CTO (cancelled-to-order) blocks of six for the three high values of the Egypt 1964 definitives. I include links to the blocks of the 100m, 200m, and 500m. I also include a page with high resolution images of the figures.
I show four distinct color varieties for this stamp.
Here are a few beautiful stamps.
This high value airmail definitive is somewhat rare. I include a page with postmarked specimens, a page with a perfin specimen, and a page with a minor plate variety.
Here are a few 1970s commercial covers from Israel. The three covers are mailed to New York.
These are great definitives. This is one of the early definitive series of independent India.
I show a fews specimens of this beautiful stamp.

I describe three Spain prephilatelic covers from the 1840s. The first cover is from Seville (Sevilla), and is postmarked in 1842. The second cover is from Barcelona, and is postmarked in 1844. The third cover is from Zaragoza, and is postmarked in 1845.

The Australia 1913 1d Kangaroo Red is the most affordable value in this series. Here I show some color shades, plate varieties, and postmarked specimens.
The rouletted Argentina stamps of 1877 and 1878 were in use well into the 1880s. Here are quick links to pages with large images of each of the four values: 8 centavos Rivadavia / 16 centavos Belgrano / 20 centavos Dalmacio Velez Sarsfield / 24 centavos San Martin ; to pages with high quality specimens of each of the four values: 8 centavos Rivadavia / 16 centavos Belgrano / 20 centavos Dalmacio Velez Sarsfield / 24 centavos San Martin ; to pages with some postmarks for three of the values: 8 centavos Rivadavia / 16 centavos Belgrano / 24 centavos San Martin ; and pages for the 24 centavos San Martin showing: plate varieties / banknote selvage / perforation varieties

Bhutan was a trailblazer in the design of stamps with pure collector appeal that were really not intended for normal postal use. I have been lucky to acquire a collector cover with this series. The images lead to thumb nails for each of the values: 3 CH / 5 CH / 15 CH / 20 CH / 25 CH / 45 CH / 50 CH / 1.75 NU

These definitives were in use in West Germany beginning in1975 and well into the early 1990s. I show a page with small images, each with a thumbnail to a larger image. Quick links: 0.05 Mark / 0.10 Mark / 0.20 Mark / 0.30 Mark / 0.40 Mark / 0.50 Mark / 0.60 Mark / 0.70 Mark / 0.80 Mark / 1.00 Mark / 1.10 Mark / 1.20 Mark / 1.30 Mark / 1.40 Mark / 1.50 Mark / 1.60 Mark / 1.80 Mark / 1.90 Mark / 2.00 Mark / 2.30 Mark / 2.50 Mark / 3.00 Mark / 5.00 Mark

In yet another installment of the postal history of this issue, I show the basic cancellers, and focus on some covers from the ramirez y oro correspondence, including a postal forgery on cover, bayamo Baeza postmarks, and cauto region modified Baeza postmarks.

Here are some butterfly stamps for seven Malaysian provinces. I include here selected stamps from seven of the provinces. Quick Links: Johor / Kedah / Kelantan / Melaka / Negeri-Sembilan / Perak / Perlis
Here is a high definition image of this stamp. Quick links point to the main article page, a page with highlights of the design, and a page dedicated to postmarked specimens
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