About this Site August and September 2004


Date Event
August 13, 2004
Web site comes up on google. The home
page was cached on April 28, 2004.
However, this page was available from
searches only after mid-July. This is the
only page that is searched by google.
August 13, 2004
Upgraded service on yahoo to have access to logs.
August 17, 2004
Yahoo boosts disk storage from 100 MB to
4 GB: great news!
August 29, 2004
Began to keep track of the Argentina
1935-51 Definitives section.
September 12, 2004
Began to keep track of the pages I author using an Excel sitemap.
September 16, 2004
The home page and 117 other pages were cached by Google on September 16, 2004. This is approx 35% of the web site. All these pages are one click away from the home page, or one and two clicks away from the pages linked by the main navigation bar.
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