Argentina 1935-51 5 Pesos Plate Variety: "long line across
lower center design"

The "long line across lower center design" plate variety is most noticeable because the stamp also has a noticeable line break. Otherwise, this plate variety is very difficult to spot, even under high magnification. Interestingly, I have a 5P1E2 with this plate variety (shown below). Look for the blue scratch beginning at midpoint on the left edge of the denomination box. This has to be the most difficult scratch to detect for the 5P1E2! This 5 Pesos plate study is divided into several major sections: there are several major plate varieties for which I have at least two specimens, and there are several minor plate varieties, represented here by one specimen. I also have a section for printing shifts, specimens with overall plate wear, and multiples showing at least one plate variety. Below, I include thumbnails to the major plate varieties. The thumbs are also linked.
Below are two 5P1L's with this plate variety. Even in this case, where the two colors allow for more contrast, the top detail shows how faint the scratch can be. The lower specimen is clear. My estimate is that between the upper and the lower image, the plate was given a light acid clean. The acid clean made the design clearer, and with it, the scratch.
Below is a high resolution of the scratch that is distinctive of this plate variety
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