The Chase Bank Miami (CBI) Correspondence of Mexico Exporta Definitives

I have been lucky in acquiring this correspondence. I show here four covers from the CBI correspondence, as well as pages deicated to the 1000 pesos, 2000 pesos, 3000 pesos, 4000 pesos, and 5000 pesos. A table with the printed quantities of these high values is shown below. While the Mexico Exporta series is absolutely fascinating when considering the very large number of issues (approximately 100),of varieties (in the neighborhood of 500), and the beauty of the designs, their postal history is limited. Why is it limited? Because Mexico does not generate the volume of mail that would allow us collectors to come across thousands of Exporta covers. A few of the Exporta values did get extensive use, but many did not. And this is why Exporta bank covers are elusive: a great series with some very rare usages.
The registered air mail cover below was postmarked in Mexico City, on November 5, 1991. It bears a beautiful vertical block of six of the 1000 pesos without burelage.
The registered air mail cover below was postmarked in Mexico City, in April 1992. It bears three singles of the 2000 pesos with burelage accompanied by a single of the 1000 pesos without burelage.
Below is a splendid airmail registered cover from the State of Mexico from 1989. This is one of the outstanding covers of the CBI correspondence. It bears two singles of the 200 pesos, three singles of the 300 pesos, both without burelage, and a single 4000 pesos, which was only issued with burelage.
Below is a detail from a large front that is the largest franking in the CBI coreespondence: an amazing 24,900 pesos. In addition to being a registered airmail mailing, it bears a parking with instruction for it to be handle as registered within the U.S. The piece has a very rare block of four of the 5000 pesos, and a single of the 4000 pesos, both only issued with burelage, and it is also franked with singles of the 400 pesos with burelage, and 500 pesos without burelage.
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